First car: 1964 Rambler American wagon...on the last of its legs when purchased for $150 1975 dollars.

Three on the tree. Vacuum operated windshield wipers that slowed down when you pressed the clutch. These were just a few of its charms.

2016...a couple years before I retired. Talking with a coworker in her early 30s. Smart woman: lawyer. We're reviewing some new correspondence for a shared project, and I hold a paper up to my foreghead and say something like "Carnac The Magnificent says...."

She looks at me like I've grown a third eye.

She didn't know who Carnac was.

As it turns out: she didn't know who Johnny Carson was.

Welcome to the olds.

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My first car was also a 1971 Nova, a four door. Bought it from an old lady down the street that wrecked it, had it repaired and painted at Earl Scheib and then was scared to drive it. It has 26,000 miles on it, looked brand new and I drove it over 100,000 miles before I traded it in for $950 in 1982. I bought it for $800. She had it painted "electric blue". I never had problems finding it in parking lots. I use to say to my kids when they had a new favorite band, "That group is going to be around as long as Chuck Cunningham."

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My first car was a 1967 Chevy pickup with a corvette engine, no gas pedal (just the arm) questionable brakes, seat belts that fit if your waist was less than 29 inches, and 1 to two missing lugs per wheel. Also I had to bridge the solenoid with a giant screwdriver to start it.

I make obscure references all the time. Then I follow it up with “It’s hard to be Dennis Miller” which itself is an obscure reference.

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